Sunday, 4 November 2012

Vietnam, Day 4, floating village, river village, banana plantation

Todays route on Garmin

Day 4 of the cycling was always going to be a hard one, fairly big distance, mainly off road, forecast was very hot!!
The Discover Adventure team, have a system that the 'star rider' of the previous day, has to ride with a smiley face flag on his or her bike, its a special award, for working hard, being a team player or just helping out! Well that didn't last long and quickly became 'COCK OF THE DAY' the award went to someone who witnessed a chain brake in the team and rather than stop to help and use his chain splitter that he had in his pack, he decided to ride to the front to say slow down we have a bike down, yes you guessed it.......... I was cock of the day and not only did I get the flag, they decided that my crime was so severe, i needed something else, which was connected to my cycle helmet all day! The local kids, who run out from their houses, loved it and i was shouting "hello" to kids all day (i named it Gary) /a>

But this wasn't the start of the day, we started by walking to the local dock to get on a boat which would take us to the floating market

From the market we walked back in to town to find and collect our bikes and fill up our hydration packs

We then cycled off in to the local villages for a days excellent cycling, which would take us through, villages, plantations, busy streets and quiet tracks

Time to sign off again, so i can get ready for dinner locally............. 95K tomorrow!

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