Friday, 2 November 2012

Norwich to Seoul

I tried writing this blog update live from Seoul International airport, but when i went to post it, every button was in Korean, so this is a condensed version of what i wrote.

The car picked me up from home at 1:20pm on 31/10/2012, Paul and Frank were already in the car, so off to Heathrow we went, trip was hassle free.
We had all planned to meet in the Wetherspoons bar this side of check in with all our Facebook 'friends' and again this happened and it was great to finally meet everyone in person after 10 months of planning, training, preparing and most importantly, fund raising for Alzheimers Society.
We met with the rest of the group inc the team from Discover Adventure and Alzheimers at the time agreed and all checked in to the Korean Airline and went through in to depatures to grab a snack (and more cider) and i had a Fish Finger sandwich!!

The flight from Heathrow to Seoul is 10.5hrs, the plane was ok, plenty of leg room and on demand movies, TV, games etc etc, so i was entertained with TED (OMFG, how did they get away with that??) which was a very funny film, rude as hell! Madagascar 3 'Europe' (or something) again, worth the watch, The 'new' Amazing Spiderman (one word, WHY) no idea why they remade that, no point at all.

Paul asleep using a slipper as a eye mask (clever, but funny)

Food!!!! food was always going to be interesting on this trip and i'm always willing to try new stuff, but please, the food on this leg of the journey was very bad; evening meal was beef, ok but god only knows what was with it, but looking back at the time breakfast came, i soon realised that dinner was GOOD!! The choice was omlette or porridge and being a person that knows he's going to need slow release carbs, I went with Porridge! how wrong can a meal be? The first thing i did was open the little pot of, what i thought were apricots but the SMELL! I can't describe the smell, so the lid went back on, so i went for the porridge (at this point, you're thinking 'its porridge' 'man up' 'how bad can it be') i peeled back the lid to find what can only be described as rice in hot (dirty looking) water (yes RICE) and to make matters worse, you had to tip this dried green tea mix over it for flavour, i say flavour............. But i had to eat, i needed the strength, 3 mouth fulls is all i could muster, thank god for my mini muffin and small pot of mixed del monte fruit, oh and of course Coffee!!!

Seoul as you fligh in is beautiful

We landed at Seoul without a hitch, went through the connections bit and straight to Starbucks (ok so their tax dodging bastards, but i need, need, need strong black coffee and overpriced dark 70% coco chocolate)

And yes, sorry i had my photo taken by Paul (with a shaky hand)

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