Sunday, 28 October 2012

Count down to Vietnam

Well it's the Sunday before we go, physically and mentally I'm as prepared as I can be now, I've tapered back on my training for the last 2 weeks, because I was worried about injury (The last thing I needed was a hamstring or Achillies pull this close)
My bag isn't so much as packed as it has loads of things I think I need thrown on top of it!! But as always, that's where the last minute panics are coming from, have I got enough long sleeved t-shirts for the evenings to keep the Mosquitos off me? Have I got enough long, light trousers? Have I got enough padded (Short) Lycra cycling shorts? And so it goes on............... So today it's up the city for the last minute stuff, even if it just puts my mind at rest.

There is 3 of us going from the Norwich area, so we have decided to have a taxi take us and collect us from Heathrow, as none of us know who we will feel after the challenge to drive back, but I can imagine at least 10 passport checks and currency checks on the way there (it's a man without his wife thing)

So this is simply my last little blogging update before I fly on Wednesday, I will be posting updates whilst I'm away and should be able to upload them a few times, along with my Garmin GPS updates, so you can follow my route, along with loads of photos.

Before I sign off, I would like to thank all my sponsors for their support, especially and Viessmann who have supported me with donations and clothing for the challenge.

See you on the other side

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday run time - The Bug

Although my next event is the BIG ONE and it's all about the cycling, I seem to NEED to run, I think they call it the bug! I also have a half marathon booked for 2 weeks after I return from Cambodia and I have to admit, I still find the cycling easier than the running, so I think when it comes to being prepared, I'm ready for the cycle challenge of 480K from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Siem Reap in Cambodia, but still not sure if I can run a sub 2hr half marathon , which is why I signed up for the Norwich Half marathon in November, after only managing a 2 hr 5 min 13.1 miles in May.
This is why (and yes I think I'm mad too) I'm taking my running kit away with me, not only so I can keep up with my training, but also so I can register a run in both countries.

So back to today; I teamed up with my buddy Kirk, who is also running the Norwich Half and hoping for a sub 2hr and although he had been out for the last 2 nights enjoying the finer things in life like excessive eating and drinking!!! He kindly drew us up a 11 mile route to run, he arrived at my house at 9 am this morning looking the worse for wear, but like a true athlete, it wasn't going to stop him, we warmed up, set our Garmins and off we ran, through the east of Norwich and out in to the beautiful country side (and yes it was bloody cold) he had even, cleverly hidden 2 drinks on the route for us to grab and to save us carrying drinks for the whole route.  As usual we chatted the miles away until about mile 8 when we both started feeling it, but after a energy gel and a few wise words from each other we got our heads down and got through it, the final run was 11.4 miles and I think we both felt every mile, but we did it, we ran, we enjoyed it and we felt great for completing it, I also need to remember that it was only 15 months ago that I started running and could only run for 1 min at a time, it just goes to prove that with the right support, determination and a will to improve, anything is possible!!

If you are reading this and thinking "I can't run" yes you can, just download a app called Get Running (couch to 5K) and take one step at a time, before you know it, you too will have the bug!!

Click to see our route - Half Marathon Training with Kirk by goldeni at Garmin Connect - Details

Norwich Half Marathon Number 376