Friday, 2 November 2012

Vietnam, Day 1, arrival

Vietnam day 1 notes

Arrived in Vietnam at about midnight, through customs without a problem, picked up luggage.
Went outside to meet our coach and although warm, it wasn't too bad (although I guess it's midnight, don't know what I expected) loaded luggage on to coach (nice coach) and headed through Ho Chi Minh to our hotel (shame it was late and dark) we were given a few tips about fluid intake (6 litres min per day!!! I'm not prepared for that) I might run out of High5 Zero tabs and need to ration, also given a few tips about signalling on the bikes etc etc (riding with Iceni Velo has prepared me for that)
Pleasant surprise when we reached the hotel, very nice, very clean (thinks its downhill from here)

Shame it's too late to go in to Ho Chi Minh City as we only have about 5 hrs sleep! some of which I'm using to write this as I've woken up at 4:30am and can't get back to sleep (it's like I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow, excited) before I went to bed I laid all my cycling kit out including my Plumbase/Viessmann jerseys (plenty of photos tomorrow/today!!/2 hrs!!! SLEEP!).....................

Forecast for cycling; Hot & Dry......


  1. If you can't get zero/nuun tablets out there, look for lo-salt and add it to water. Has potassium as well as calcium salts.