Saturday, 3 November 2012

Vietnam Day 3, Tra Vinh, Cau Ke, Can Tho

Longest day of cycling so far 82K, hot but amazing.

As always its an early start, breakfast of water, omelete and rice at 6am, out by 7:30, with a team briefing /a>

Ready to go, Hydration pack full with 3ltrs of water with High5 Extreme tablets for energy

We set out from Tra Vinh this morning and headed out of town, through the paddy fields and headed towards the first water point, which was at a temple

The kids in Vietnam are fantastic, love having their photos taken, especially if you show them their picture and as you cycle past house's, they shout "hello"

From the temple, we contiued along the country roads and single track and ended up at the ferry, which took us over to the island

Farmers working the land
Getting to and from the islands is quite a experience, but we were lucky with this crossing as it was quiet

The Island itself was amazing, great riding, some of which was single track

And the ferry on the way back was busy!!

Athough today was simply amazing, the best bit by a county mile, was riding in to the busy city of Can Tho in rush hour, with cars and scooters coming from all directions, including going down the wrong side of the road and even the path!! to get to our next hotel, for another well earned shower, meal, beer and sleep

And on that note, its 23:17 here, i have to be up at 5:45 for breakfast, so good night Vietnam :)

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