Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cambodia Day 3, Angkor Wat

Yesterday was a day which tested each and everyone of us, both mentally and physically, but it was also a day that made us stronger as a team and gave us the believe, that we could get through this, but the challenge would not be over until, the last person crossed that line in Siem Reap.
Breakfast was slighty later, as we would be jumping on the coach to take us up the road to a road side cafe where we ate last night, not a great place, which also went for the hotel we slept in last night, but we all decided, it was the kind of place we thought we would be in every night, basically we had been spoiled!
Today would be a chance to rest our legs, catch some rays and as always, see some amazing sights.
One we left breakfast we headed for the harbour to catch a boat that would take us over the largest expance of fresh water in south asia for 4hrs, we got there early enough to wander about, look at the local food market and meet some more of this countries wonderful kids and little did we know the wonders that would await us the other side (the 8th wonder to be precise) Angkor Wat!!!

The boat trip, was fast, hot, cramped, but you could walk about the outside of the boat and sunbathe up on top!

On our arrival we headed to the coach that took us to our bikes, we were only cycling 10K maximum today, but wow, what a 10K it would be, once we got to Angkor Wat we had to get photo passes, which would allow us access to Angkor and all its temples. We started out cycling through the beautiful tree lined roads, along with the cars, cycles and of course tuc tuc's which buzz about everywhere in asia, as always we kept stopping wherever and whenever we wanted for photos, but for the first time we were asked not to, as there would be plenty of chances to take photos and we were on a tight deadline to get in to the 2 temples, but when i saw my first elephant carrying people, i had to take my chances although i did ride straight past the monkeys

We finished the day off by watching the sun set from within the temple grounds, before being transfered to our hotel, which will be our home for 2 nights
We finished the day by going out to eat at what i can only describe as a tree house, then on to Pub Street for a well earned drink

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