Friday, 2 November 2012

Seoul to Ho Chi Minh City

AaSo we've left the comfort of the airport, with all its luxury, free wifi (UK take note!!), and strong coffee and we have boarded our flight which finally takes us to the start of our fantastic challenge in Ho Chi Minh City

We have just had a team briefing, which has told us that this is one of the most challenging events that Discover Adventure do, which we became aware of when we were told we have to be up at 5am tomorrow morning!! 5AM! didn't even realise there were 2 5 0'Clocks in a day!!
So we are now airbourne, slight delay in taking off, but nothing major.
Back to the briefing, we seem to have a great support crew with us, 2 leaders from Discover Adventure, 1 from Alzheimers Society and a A&E doctor, all seem very enthusiatic and keen on us all enjoying this once in a lifetime experience, we have been told to drink a MINIMUM of 6 litres of water per day to keep hydrated and to eat when we can to keep our energy levels high.

Day 1 will be a long day, not much cycling, only 45K but we will be getting our bikes set up and we will be visiting the tunnels that were used in the war.

Just finished dinner on the plane, chicken, beef or fish (guy beside me is a veggie!! No chance mate) i had the chicken and rice and it really was nice, we are currently flying close to Hong Kong (always fancied going there, so close but no cigar), ive managed to set my Garmin to the right time zone for when we land, so thats good, oh, they have obviously decided we are far to wide awake at 7:30pm and have turned the lights off, maybe its to give the goats a chance to eat next ;). Everyone just decided to get up at the same time to brush their teeth (weird, but guessing the plane will soon smell 'minty fresh' 3hrs left to destination, better get some sleep..........

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